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Rich Green is a Location Photographer – He brings the studio to you.

the police being called). We held mini-Woodstocks in the parking lot next to his house. When he played with his musician friends, it sounded great. When it was just he and I, we were the “Dickie Green Quintet”. By this time I had taken up the trumpet but my playing wasn’t any better. It did have one advantage – I was unintentionally hilarious. I have recordings from the time and all I can say is, wow. We were Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis – music and comedy.

Then one day, he said the magic words, “Let’s make a movie.” We wrote our version of the “Odd Couple” and then proceeded to film with a hand-cranked 8mm camera and a tape recorder. It took 5 minutes to learn that we didn’t know what we were doing, but that was the moment that changed my life. I wanted to make funny movies. I wanted to be a comedian. If I never met him, I might never have thought “comedy and movies.”

I attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City where I studied filmmaking and photography. After graduation I came to that fork in the road – comedy or eating. I chose to eat and became the chief photographer for a hospital. In 2002 I went out on my own, continuing to create new images for clients.

Today I am a corporate, portrait/headshot, event and healthcare photographer. Here is the link – New Jersey Corporate Portrait Photographer.  I’m located in northern New Jersey and I love to travel. I’m also patiently waiting for that special client who will send me to Antarctica. 

I have a collection of stock photography images on view at Alamy. The stock photography subjects are diverse in content. Some photographs are editorial use only and others have the necessary releases for advertising.

As for my dream about being a comedian? I’ve never really abandoned that. Check out my comedy blog – Wannabecomic. And I have 3 books on Amazon.

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