“Good Morning” is a collection of thoughts, opinions, and gibberish to inspire your life.

For example:
“I never believed in life after death until I started dating.”
“You can never tell how your dietary habits will change. I stopped eating potatoes when my wife started to look like one.”
“For years, I’ve suffered from a sleeping disorder. I wake up.”
“I considered becoming a political revolutionary until I learned the hours weren’t steady and you couldn’t collect unemployment.”
“One woman I went out with demanded that I be faithful. I thought she was talking about being religious.”
“I knew from the start that my marriage would be different. My wife wanted separate apartments.”
“I still drive my first car. My grandfather sold it to me. It was his first car.”
Are you looking for more insight? A greater understanding of life? Seeking inspiration? A reality check? You will find your answers in my book.

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