My mom sitting on a bench in front of a wooden house in the Millbrook Village historic site along the Delaware River on Old Mine Road. It’s the last exit on Route 80W before going over the bridge into Pennsylvania. The Millbrook Village is part of the National Park Service. From the link – “In 1832, Abram Garis built a grist mill along Van Campen brook. The mill soon attracted other businesses and by the 1870s, Millbrook was a thriving farm village. However, by 1910, the mill, store and hotel closed their doors. Today, only a handful of original Millbrook buildings remain. Other buildings have been moved from other sites or are newly built to help depict village life in the valley during the late 19th and early 20th century. Several buildings are open on summer weekends.”
I have enjoyed the ride along Old Mine Rd many times with visits to the Village over the years.

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