Election Day for President of the United States: The Candidate Who Broke The Law

You are a candidate for the Presidency of the United States. You are the overwhelming favorite to win. Would YOU do anything to screw up a sure thing? The day…

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Good Morning: Your Guide to Utter Nonsense: Jokes, Observations, and Reflections, for each Day of the Year

“Good Morning” is a collection of thoughts, opinions, and gibberish to inspire your life. For example: “I never believed in life after death until I started dating.” “You can never…

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(there are no) Answers to the Mysteries

An Exploration of Ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle, Life after Death, Reincarnation and Atlantis the Lost Continent: BIGFOOT—Who is this creature? Is it just a foot, or does it…

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